Reading To Be Ready realizes that a child’s success requires a holistic approach to support the public-school educational system. Our program is offered after school hours to augment their schooling to help children achieve reading at or above grade level by Grade 3. Our program must transcend past our doors into the home to accomplish this goal. Reading To Be Ready  includes parents in the learning process by providing parents with instructional training to support reading at home. Our action plan includes one-to-one and/or group instruction with an instructional focus driven by data.

Throughout my years of experience as an educator, I witnessed the gap in learning achievement for many young children. I want to lend my expertise with research-based methods to decrease the reading gap by addressing the barriers to learning. I have always felt that each child is unique, and their education should be individualized and differentiated as such. It’s easier to teach everyone in a box, with the same material at the same pace, but children fall through the cracks with this method. They begin to fall behind and cannot keep up with their peers, robbing them of reaching their highest potential as individuals, and later  as productive and contributing citizens in society. I noticed that with reading particularly, children were falling behind because they weren’t challenged to think and perform beyond their present and/or previous level of performance. To develop advanced skills and knowledge to achieve a higher level of performance.

I saw firsthand the importance of using data with younger children to identify early intervention strategies to develop basic literacy skills while learning to read. I have always had a passion for using data to drive and to differentiate instruction. Our program utilizes data to meet each student where they are in their learning journey. The reward of seeing a child achieve and often exceed their current reading grade level makes it worth all the hard work. My methods have successfully taught children to read before leaving pre-school and in helping Kindergarteners accomplish reading and writing skills by January of the school year.

Dr. Sharon V. Elenis

Chief Executive Officer

Reading To Be Ready